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March 28, 2008

There are four main personalities that a person has:
-Who others think they are (Perceived External)
-Who they act like they are (Actual External)
-Who they think they are (Perceived Internal)
-Who they really are (Actual Internal)

For the sake of easy communication about these four main personalities that names have been assigned to them.

A main difference between any of these can cause problems.
Consider the following examples:

A difference between Perceived External and Actual External personalities means that the person is misunderstood.

A difference between the External personalities and the Internal personalities means that the person is acting differently than how they normally would act of their own accord; an example of this would be teens acting differently around their peers.

A difference between Perceived Internal and Actual Internal personalities means that the person is out of touch with themselves, and possibly in denial.


Channel 10 Rant

March 29, 2007

An extended rant of my thoughts on the Channel 10 debacle is now available in the auditory variety. (You can read the first rant here)

You can listen to it either by clicking the link below or by clicking this link.

Length: 7:40:00
Size: 7.01 MB

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Halo 3 Beta & Channel 10

March 29, 2007

I’m pretty annoyed…Channel 10 told us about two major announcements coming.

The first was about the Xbox360 Elite…and the second was strongly rumored (Look at #6 on the list of things to do while XboxLive is down…the THIRD bullet point has the number 117 in it) to have something to do with Halo 3.

The second turned out to have to do with mobile phones. Not about a mobile phone specifically, or about an OS for mobile phones. Not about Live Anywhere on mobile phones, which if you stretched enough you could kind of see as deserving of being paired with the official announcement of the Xbox360 Elite. No. The “announcement” (if you can even call it that at all) was of a damn mobile phone web browser.

Wow…way to overhype and underdeliver – I for one am pissed. When I first saw the post, I refreshed the page again, looking for the real announcement. It wasn’t about being in denial, it was that I didn’t even understand what it was that I had seen.

It was like this:

“Hey, the announcement post is live! It’s a new mobile phone web browser!”

“Hahahaha. Nice…no really, when is the announcement going to be posted?”

EDIT: Apparently I was not alone in this respect [1]

Way to go Channel 10…I hadn’t heard of you before, but now I promise that I’ll never forget you.

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Digg this if you think that the Halo 3 beta is coming out today (March 27)!

March 27, 2007

XboxLive is down for “maintenance” and will continue to be down until 2pm PST (5pm EST). If you look at the linked screenshot of the official post about this, #6 says that one of the things that you can do while XboxLive is down is to brush up on March 27 history – the THIRD listed historical event involves an earthquake that killed 117 people!

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Why is 9/11 a popular topic NOW? [update]

March 1, 2007

Why NOW? It’s the news flavor of the month! It’s repulsive!

digg search: “911”, last 30 days, sorted by most diggs

digg search: “Twin Towers”, last 30 days, sorted by most diggs

digg search: “WTC”, last 30 days, sorted by most diggs

UPDATE – Check out this data from Google Trends:

You can observe huge spikes in each of these graphs:

Uncomfortable Questions: Was the Death Star Destruction an Inside Job?

February 28, 2007

We’ve all heard the “official” story of the destruction of the Death Star. However, recent evidence indicates we may not be getting the whole story. This article presents several uncomfortable questions that throw the official theory into doubt, and point to the possibility that the destruction of the Death Star may have been an inside job.

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My Halo 3 Thoughts

November 17, 2006

It is important to note that I’m working with the information that is available to me right now. The reader should keep in mind that things can and most-likely will change, probably within the next week, because that’s just how game development is (or so I’ve been told by people inside the industry…I don’t develop games…yet).

New Weapons

Needler – In Halo 3, the Needler will not be dual-wieldable. Apparently it will also be something worth fearing. The following is from one of Bungie’s Halo 3 Humpdays:

…once the needles are flying you’re pretty much done unless you’ve got some cover to get behind before they reach you. Yeah, we’ve said it before, but this time we mean it. You will hear someone scream “OH SHEETS HE’S GOT A NEEDLER” at some point during your Halo 3 experience and for once, it will not be sarcasm.

That was written by KPaul of Bungie. I’m picturing one of two things as the Needler in Halo 3. Either it will be very fast, and fire out a stream of needles as if there were three or four needlers firing, or it will be very slow, but have a big clip size, like the Fuel Rod Cannon, except with a couple dozen rounds able to be fired before you have to reload.

Spartan Laser – For those of you who don’t know, the Spartan Laser is a big freaking gun that looks like a cross between a Fuel Rod Cannon, a Rocket Launcher, and a golden Sentinel Beam. It takes a few seconds to reload, and then shoots a wide beam that obliterates anything and everything in its path. It apparently is meant to be an anti-vehicle weapon.

Brute Spiker – Not much information has been released about this weapon, except that it shoots a superheated (thusly orange) metal spike. I’m going to assume that it is not dual-wieldable, since it sounds pretty possible. From what I’ve read, it may look like an orange Needler, but it’s not supposed to be considered an orange Needler. I picture an extra big Needler that has spikes on the sides and looks distorted that is more lethal. I would speculate that it would be a single-shot killer if you shot someone in the head with it, so who knows, it may have a 2x or 3x scope. I’m also thinking that the melee will be very powerful.

Brute Ghost – Almost no information has been release about this new vehicle, except that it exists. I’m imagining a red ghost that goes twice as fast, but then overheats 😉 Seriously, though, I honestly imagine it as either a slower version of the ghost that has a gauss-like cannon on the front, or a faster version of the ghost that has weaker guns, but has some sort of spike on the front, so that its speed will add to its purpose, which would be splattering or using the spike to ram other vehicles. For the slower version of the idea, I’m thinking that maybe it would have a weapon that would charge up for a few seconds and then fire a burst of the spikes that come from the Brute Spiker at a wide angle. For the faster version of the idea, I’m thinking that it would be the Brute version of the Mongoose. (more on the Mongoose in a moment).

Mongoose – Yes, it’s back. For those of you who don’t know, the Mongoose is a small, fast two-seater ATV with no weaponry. It was originally intended for Halo 2, but it kept interfering with the balance between the Ghost and Warthog, so Bungie was forced to remove it from the game due to time constraints. This is why I think that the small, fast version of the Brute Ghost is more likely than the other versions of the ideas I have about it, since it would solve the balance issue, just like the Plasma Rifle mirrored the SMG in Halo 2.

Spike Grenades – These are a third kind of grenade that will be introduced in Halo 3. While we’re on the subject of grenades, the maximum amount of stock per grenade that you’ll be able to carry has been reduced to two in Halo 3. Spike Grenades are apparently an instant kill if you throw one and it hits someone’s head. They send out a cone of (I’m guessing) spikes, and because they’ve been described as the perfect weapon to use against someone who’s right behind you by throwing one at the ground. I’m guessing that the explosion will be like a Christmas tree. Also, they stick to everything, including Shield Doors, and including those killed by hitting them in the head with one of them (more on Shield Doors in a moment).

Shield Doors – I guess you could kind of classify this as a weapon, since it is directly involved in what kind of damage they do. These doors will let people in, but explosions and bullets out. It’s not known if this effect is one-way, since being able to shoot at someone without them being able to shoot you would be an incredible advantage. It is also not known whether or not things like vehicles or grenades will be able to get through, or how big they are, whether or not they will all be the same size (I’m imagining a hangar bay of Banshees or something that you can’t destroy from afar with, as an example, the Spartan Laser). It has already been released that Spike Grenades will stick to them, possibly disabling them, at least for a few moments, so I’m thinking that maybe only Frag Grenades will be able to get through, and possibly that plasma grenades will bounce off or something.

New Multiplayer Features

Respawning Map Items – If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I mean barrels, fusion cores, (possibly Shield Doors if Spike Grenades totally destroy them) and things like that respawning just like weapons, grenades, turrets, and vehicles do. I like this idea, a lot, because I can only imagine what Lockout would be like if the exploding fusion cores respawned. Wow.

Automated Turrets – This is the idea that (at least this is my idea as to why these are being put into Halo 3…just to be clear, they do exist, the only speculation here is why they exist, not whether they do or not) instead of invisible walls that people can’t penetrate, there will be automated turrets that will kill a player if he goes past a certain point outside of a designated area. It is unknown as to whether or not these will be destructible, or if they will in fact be like the train on Terminal in Halo 2.

Gametype Customization – Apparently there is almost no limit to the detail of customization in Halo 3 multiplayer. I am very excited about this, because I posted repeatedly all over the Bungie forums asking for this in Halo 3, and started polls, threads, and even put my main suggestion, which was that it would be awesome if you could control the speed of non-juggernaut players in non-juggernaut games, in my signature for some time. My wish has been granted, since apparently in Halo 3 you will be able to do any and more than what is mentioned in the following list:

  • Total speed control, regardless of gametype
  • Settings and restrictions that are team-specific (for example, you could make a game of Zombies in which only the Red Team can pick up and use guns and only the Green Team can pick up and use Swords)
  • Gravity control
  • The ability to make players more visible by setting them on fire

Video – This is, by far, the feature that I am the most excited about. The only way to describe it is by using this scenario: It’s late at night; all of your friends are offline. You go into matchmaking, and something incredible happens. You’re more than in the zone, you’re playing like it’s your last game. You’re getting triple Kilimanjaros, and you only die twice. You pwn like you’ve never pwned before. After the game, you’ll not only be able to check out your stats, but you will be able to save video of the match to your hard drive. You can then invite people at any time afterwards, and open the video, playing it for everyone in the party to see. Viewers will be able to choose to either view the recorder’s point of view, one of the other player’s point of view, or roam around in third-person view and explore the map freely. The host will be able to control the video (and I’m not sure but I’m hoping that this would mean that it would be possible to pause the video, and maybe even rewind it, or maybe even play it in slow motion). This, my friends, is a priceless gift to anyone who ever wanted to create a Machinima. This is amazing, and I’m unbelievably excited for it.

Pure Speculation

Party Size Limit – Bungie, please make it larger than 16. I don’t care if it’s just raised to 20, or even 18, but please raise the limit, at least a little bit, at least over XboxLive if not in LAN multiplayer. I personally believe that it will be raised, but I’m worried that Bungie doesn’t think of it as a priority, since there was barely a whisper about it an the storm of recent news.


November 23, 2005

Is it an Xbox 360 viral?

Try typing in the following words into the text box and pressing the arrow or hitting enter:


and observe the changes.

Also, if you go to what seems to be going on is a (I’m convinced that its multiplayer, with other people manipulating the exact same thing that you are, fighting for control) battle of what appear to be refridgerator magnets.

Whatever you type into the text box at the bottom of the page replaces the text on one of the magnets.

I try to arrange them all by color, and sometimes what seems to be several other people start helping out and pitching in!

There’s no way that it is completely random.

Also, on the home page (, if you type in the binary nect to the color that is throbbing (for lack of a better word) and you keep entering in what keeps appearing underneath the text box, ants start to appear. Yep, that’s not a typo. Ants start crawling all over the page. (I wonder; if you keep entering in the correct words, will bees start to appear…?)

Halo 3 ?

November 6, 2005

Check out Shishka’s answer here.

The PS3 could be delayed until 2007!

October 30, 2005

Read the Joystiq article here.

This could mean several things:

1) Halo 3’s release could be delayed until 2007, since that was originally


2) PS3 is going to lose 98% of its fanbase for the Xbox 360, or even *shudder* the Nintendo Revolution (if it comes out before the PS3).