Channel 10 Rant

An extended rant of my thoughts on the Channel 10 debacle is now available in the auditory variety. (You can read the first rant here)

You can listen to it either by clicking the link below or by clicking this link.

Length: 7:40:00
Size: 7.01 MB

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3 Responses to “Channel 10 Rant”

  1. Richard Says:

    Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Leeeee…. Calm down cousin. Its alright.. You’re still here. Its gonna be okay.

  2. blueso Says:

    I am also annoyed! I followed this and waited for an actual update… Way to over-hype, 10…

    Come on, an official Microsoft blog and they mess with us?! That’s it, I’m going to play Wii (Great system, no good games yet)

  3. Rem Says:

    Don’t trust anything that is hyped that much because you will always be underwhelmed.

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