Is it an Xbox 360 viral?

Try typing in the following words into the text box and pressing the arrow or hitting enter:


and observe the changes.

Also, if you go to http://www.101101000.com/0 what seems to be going on is a (I’m convinced that its multiplayer, with other people manipulating the exact same thing that you are, fighting for control) battle of what appear to be refridgerator magnets.

Whatever you type into the text box at the bottom of the page replaces the text on one of the magnets.

I try to arrange them all by color, and sometimes what seems to be several other people start helping out and pitching in!

There’s no way that it is completely random.

Also, on the home page (101101000.com), if you type in the binary nect to the color that is throbbing (for lack of a better word) and you keep entering in what keeps appearing underneath the text box, ants start to appear. Yep, that’s not a typo. Ants start crawling all over the page. (I wonder; if you keep entering in the correct words, will bees start to appear…?)


One Response to “101101000”

  1. B33b3s Says:

    wow, wtf is that….

    theres also http://www.101101000.com/1000000

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