Halo 3 Beta & Channel 10

I’m pretty annoyed…Channel 10 told us about two major announcements coming.

The first was about the Xbox360 Elite…and the second was strongly rumored (Look at #6 on the list of things to do while XboxLive is down…the THIRD bullet point has the number 117 in it) to have something to do with Halo 3.

The second turned out to have to do with mobile phones. Not about a mobile phone specifically, or about an OS for mobile phones. Not about Live Anywhere on mobile phones, which if you stretched enough you could kind of see as deserving of being paired with the official announcement of the Xbox360 Elite. No. The “announcement” (if you can even call it that at all) was of a damn mobile phone web browser.

Wow…way to overhype and underdeliver – I for one am pissed. When I first saw the post, I refreshed the page again, looking for the real announcement. It wasn’t about being in denial, it was that I didn’t even understand what it was that I had seen.

It was like this:

“Hey, the announcement post is live! It’s a new mobile phone web browser!”

“Hahahaha. Nice…no really, when is the announcement going to be posted?”

EDIT: Apparently I was not alone in this respect [1]

Way to go Channel 10…I hadn’t heard of you before, but now I promise that I’ll never forget you.

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