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I’ve changed. I have autism. I’m pretty sure I’m a genius. I’m only being arrogant if I’m wrong, right? Well,

October 7, 2018

Eugh what the hell is this font. Sorry about the long title, but I couldn’t just not say anything. Then again, I had other things to say, which is why I wanted to write in the first place. So, if you’ll excuse me:

Axiom 1: I’m an autistic genius
Axiom 2: Weed is well-known as an apparent creativity boost
Axiom 3: Weed seems to make my autism “worse”
Axiom 4: Monologuing is a symptom of autism

I could probably write some pretty good books about how I view the universe, with weed enough and time.

ad infinitum

February 8, 2008

(EDIT – this picture goes well with this, I think…original link to news story here)

Let the generations that follow know that we gazed into the night sky with wonder. Let it be known to them that we recognized our inadequacies and flaws, and beseech our children to forgive us our mistakes that they may avoid making such themselves.

Let all know of our desire for knowledge and our wish for a greater understanding in ways that we could not hope to achieve. Let them know of our perseverance, dedication, and unbreakable force of will to have that which we cannot possess, know that which we cannot comprehend, and do what we cannot achieve.

Let those that succeed us know that we were the climbers of mountains and the scalers of walls. We were not perfect, and could never hope to be, but frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.