…in spades

I’m writing this because if I don’t I’ll probably die or something.

A really really long time ago:

  • My parents took away (physically removed) my Xbox360, computer, and (slightly crappy) laptop, leaving me a note about how I would get my things back when my grades got better. The only pieces of technology that I was allowed to hold on to were my DS Lite (which they didn’t know the nature of on the day of reckoning) and my iPod video.

A few days ago:

  • My iPod got stolen by a carpet cleaner while I was at school. Tough luck for me.

Two days ago:

  • I used a DSLinux boot CD on a computer in Sculpture class in order to make the computer not run like a sloth on a cold day covered in tar with weights attached to its legs (sans windows, in other words). The substitute apparently, like 98% of the faculty of the school district of the zip code 03052, had no clue what I was doing. (more on that later)


  • A teacher who supervises a study hall that I used to be in asked me where I had been for so long, and I had to explain to her that I was transferred long ago away from that study hall and into a different study hall
  • My parents basically told me that there’s nothing that I can do to get my Xbox360, computer, and laptop back, regardless of my ever-increasing grades, and the fact that I’ve been working my ass off on my schoolwork since they took away my stuff September 27, two days after I got my hands on Halo 3.
    • Any mention to my parents of how my grades have greatly improved lead to them saying that the satisfaction of securing a successful future should be enough of a reward (so why would I want my 360?)
    • Any mention to my parents of the fact that nothing bad would come of me having my 360 lead to them saying that my desire to have my 360 back proved beyond doubt that I’m “addicted” to it, and as such, if I was to get my 360 back, I would be consumed in “addiction” again. (this is complete bunk…the end. There’s nothing to it. Like religion, this theory requires no actual proof to be deemed factual)
    • Any mention of the original note that they wrote me back in September about how, with good grades, I would get my stuff back, lead to blank (possibly senile) stares. They don’t remember anything of the kind.


  • I was read the riot act by the Sculpture teacher about how I shouldn’t be “downloading stuff on the computer” and how I had “crossed the line”. (see Two Days Ago) He said he wouldn’t talk to me about it because he wasn’t going to “take attitude from a seventeen-year-old kid”. The fun never stops.

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