Alas, the accursed thing has started! I am le busy! Ahauhauhauhauh (That was my version of a text-based French laugh. No complaining: It’s the best thing I could come up with at 6:30am)

I am soooo busy and here’s why:
School is 7:35am-2:23pm
it takes until about 2:30pm until I’m home
Work is 4:00pm-7:00pm

Here’s the deal though – it takes 20 minutes to and from my work without any traffic, and 30 minutes if there is traffic. I also have to get ready about 40 minutes before I get to work, and the same thing is true with school in that I give myself about 40 minutes to get ready, so here’s the real schedule:

[6:20am-7:00am] Get ready for school
[7:00am-7:10am] Drive to school
[7:10am-7:35am] Downtime
[7:35am-2:23pm] School
[2:23pm-2:30pm] Drive home
[2:30pm-3:00pm] Downtime
[3:00pm-3:40pm] Get ready for work
[3:40pm-4:00pm] Drive to work
[4:00pm-7:00pm] Work
[7:00pm-7:20pm] Drive home
[7:20pm-7:50pm] Dinner
[7:50pm-8:00pm] Chores
[8:00pm-10:30pm] Downtime / Homework

So there you have it! The only real amount of time I have on days that I work and have school to do things like blog is right now (before school) or at 8pm, and that’s assuming that I don’t have any homework! Holy sheet!

Now, fortunately, I am investigating other employment options. It may come to pass that I’ll be working something like 5pm-10pm, which would mean that I would have time to get things done in between work and school, which would be nice. Nothing is even close to being final though, so if you’re my current employer and you’re reading this (highly unlikely though it is) don’t fret.

Yeah, the chances of that are somewhere between 0 and 1 in a million. šŸ˜€


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