BioShock Demo Review

I downloaded the BioShock demo last night. It took forever, and from what I understand, there were three servers allocated for the download. Each could handle 1 million people at once, and all three melted. Like, into liquid. I heard this from a friend of Horatio; I forget his title, but he works in the Xbox division at Microsoft.

Anyway, I set the demo to download, enabled background downloads, and shut off my 360. This way, my console shut down everything but the hard drive and the network connection downloading the demo, and when it was done, it shut itself completely off.

The demo itself isn’t very long. It took me somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes to finish. You get to use the shock and fire powers, as well as a wrench and a revolver. I wasn’t expecting much – it is a demo, after all.

The graphics are incredible. The water effects in this game are insane. I’ve never seen anything as amazing as them. This game looks better than Gears of War. The lighting is superb, and the level design is different than what I’ve seen in games that I’ve played before.

The story is immersive, even in this short demo. You start out as the victim of a plane crash, where you are the only apparent survivor. You’re in the ocean, and swim to a lighthouse-like building, where you enter some kind of pod and are plunged into what could be considered the second Atlantis. I won’t give too much of what little there is away, but this game has a very interesting plot.

Overall, I give the BioShock demo 4.5 brains out of 5 brains.


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