30GB iPod Video + 1-2 inches of water

Something amazing just happened. So I go to check the mail to see if my Gamefly games have come in. The mail hasn’t come in, but I went to check without shoes or socks on, so now my feet are dirty. I decided to wash my feet in the tub in my bathroom. I originally wanted to use my iTrip to listen to my iPod while washing my feet, but instead decided that the water was too loud, so I listened instead to my iPod with my headphones.

My iTrip
At this point, the iTrip is still in my iPod, and I am listening to BuzzOutLoud, a podcast by CNET. Suddenly, my iPod falls out of my pocket and into the water. It was locked (meaning that the buttons didn’t do anything) since it was in my pocket, so it didn’t even stop playing. It hit the water face down. When I snatched it up, it was displaying this error message:

FireWire connections are not supported. To transfer songs, connect the USB cable provided.

Press Center to dismiss
I’m naturally freaking out, pressing center and whatnot, completely forgetting that the iPod is locked. Meanwhile, the podcast continues to play, although strangely, it is cutting off a couple times per second. I managed to unlock the iPod, press pause, and get the headphones off of my head. I had to press Center a bunch of times before unplugging the headphones and the iTrip and putting the iPod on the floor.

My iPod Video

I think that the iPod would have been a goner had it not been for the smaller miniUSB port in the iTrip to block out the water from getting into the huge port at the bottom of the iPod. I’m just glad that I got a FireWire error message instead of a “I’m scared Dave, will I dream?” message.

2 Responses to “30GB iPod Video + 1-2 inches of water”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    did ur itrip work after that … i get the same message when i try playing my Ipod with the itrip ( my itrip got soaked sometime back)

  2. Shaymus22 Says:

    It worked very well afterwards

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