Top 5 Reasons that Email is better than regular mail

I made this list for all of those unfortunate people out there who are just starting to use a computer and the Internet now, and who are asking a lot of deceptively simple questions.  The next time someone comes to you asking why they should switch to using email to send messages instead of using the “tried and true traditional way”, just point them here and watch as comprehension dawns. 🙂

  1. Speed – What we’ve come to know today as “snail mail” takes several days to go the distance we could drive in less than one!  Email is almost instantaneous.  You don’t have to walk out to a mailbox, or even worry about putting the flag up!
  2. Reliability – Have you ever gotten a piece of mail in your mailbox that was meant for someone else, but was delivered to you by the mistake of the mailman?  With email, that doesn’t happen unless the person sending the email to you types your email address wrong!
  3. Price – With services like gmail, sending and receiving email is free with an Internet connection!  With snail mail, you have to buy stamps and such!
  4. Quantity – By email, you can send pages and pages of information, as well as photos, music, video, and other documents.  If you want to send more than what can fit in an envelope, it costs more and it’s a hassle!
  5. Convenience – You can access email from anywhere, on almost anything!  No more paper to worry about anymore!  Also, copying it and sending it to someone can be done in seconds!

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