“Oh you are SO booted now”

If you ever find yourself a game hosted by Tsukasa 0, (that’s a zero), in Gears of War, make sure not to use a pistol of any kind, a grenade of any kind, or to do better than him. If you do any of these things, he will boot you from the game. If you rejoin, he won’t boot you right away, but instead will wait until the round ends, and then boot you when the next round starts, giving you a sense of false hope that you will be able to play. When I asked him about why he does this, after being booted about a half a dozen times, he replied by booting me. Awesome.


One Response to ““Oh you are SO booted now””

  1. Jimmy Jangles Says:

    say what??? what an i.d.i.o.t

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