“That is Bullsh*t!” [update]

Every time ravenpanic dies in Gears of War, he yells “That is Bullsh*t!”. There are other varieties, such as “That is SO Bullsh*t!”, and “That is TOTALLY Bullsh*t!”, but there are also those occasional screams of variations of the core message he is conveying including, but not limited to “That is COMPLETE Bullsh*t!”, “That is Bull-F*cking-Sh*t!” and, my personal favorite, “That Bullsh*t is BULLSH*T!” I sent him a message about this, polite as possible under the circumstances, and he replied with the following voice message:

Oh f*ck you, you little b*tch, you wish you were better than me
You ain’t gonna show me, you just a little f*cking 12-year-old who thinks he’s bad*ss
‘Cause he has little pubic hairs
I have f*cking pubic hair and I’m older than you, so kiss my *ss

Way to be classy, dude…way to be classy.

(I’m 17, by the way)

UPDATE: I sent him a text message over XboxLive containing a link to this blog post via tinyurl (http://tinyurl.com/2uwbve) and he replied with the following voice message:

What’s that, your f*cking site for f*cking gay porn?
Kiss my *ss you little b*tch


6 Responses to ““That is Bullsh*t!” [update]”

  1. Blueso Says:

    Happens to me all the time. I love the mute button, but that’s just me

  2. Kainti Says:

    This website isn’t for gay porn? Fucking damn.

  3. BWah ha Says:

    BWAHAHAHA…What a fucking little dipshit no class whore…bwah-ha-ha-ha….by the by…I shave mine.

  4. marvin Says:

    Heh I’m one of his friends and he bull*its me too, but he generally leaves off the pubic hair comment so you probably sniped him, i on the other hand can only lancer him down occasionally and he really dosent like that

  5. ravenpanic Says:

    Lol U really have no life to make a whole blog entry about me lol i thank you i really do u showed me the error of my ways lol

  6. Shaymus22 Says:

    Hahaha I’m glad you prove, even on my blog, that you are a complete dick! 😀

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