The Way My Mind Works (part 1)

I put “part 1” into the title because I want to avoid two things that almost stopped me from continuing to post on this blog (before being eventually, inevitably overcome)

  1. Wanting to continue your thought so badly that you want to say it all in one “breath” (post) so you won’t lose track of your thoughts (in this case, My Thoughts)
  2. Biting off more than you can chew by trying to say too much in one post, and being unable to finish the post

The result is a half-finished megapost that never goes live.  If you cut out the threads that you couldn’t finish, it would be a relatively impressive post, but they wouldn’t call it biting off more than you can chew if it was that easy.  Once started, a thought must be finished, so what I’ll be overruling here is the desire to try to contain all of my thoughts into one post.  It’ll be a lot easier if I break what I have to say into bite-sized chunks.

I have to go now, and may explain why later (it’s not that serious, but requires my attention).  I’ll continue this later; expect the posts to end like this, but don’t worry – this is one thread that I’m not going to let drop.

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