Not un-bad news

Remember this?  I got a 100% on the written portion of the test, and was doing great on the driving when the man asked me to park backwards in the shape of “r” where the “i” part of the “r” was the space that I was backing into.  For some reason, and I tried this several times after I left the DMV and failed then as well, I kept ending up straddling the line; always half a space to the left.

I did everything else well, and the guy said that I could come back on Monday and redo it.  Although that is kind of good news, in that I don’t have to retake the entire test again, it means that this weekend I will be without Gears of War, since my parents have restricted me from being driven anywhere besides the DMV until I get my license.  This sucks in a big way, and I mean big time…I’m really pissed off.


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