Happy Halo Day!

Today is the five-year anniversary of Halo!  To celebrate, Bungie has dropped some major bombshells! Check out the Bungie.net Story here! Trust me, this is not something you want to miss!

There will be

  • a Halo 3 commercial
  • New Halo 2 maps (this spring)
  • a Halo 3 public beta (this spring)

And they added a brand new screenshot at the end!
Read Bungie’s article for more information!

2 Responses to “Happy Halo Day!”

  1. carocat Says:

    Well, that is only good. I can’t wait for Halo3. It is going to be great. 😀

  2. Shaymus22 Says:

    open beta~*mouth waters*

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