Getting Gears of War (right now, if I’m lucky)

Although in my experience there’s no such thing as luck.

I’m going to the DMV right now…if I pass, and only if I pass (it’s complicated) I’ll be able to drive to the local EBGames and trade in the following items for Gears of War, which I’ve confirmed that they have in stock:

  • Gamecube
  • 3 Gamecube Games
  • 3 Gamecube Controllers
  • 3 Gamecube Memory Cards
  • Perfect Dark Zero

The only price that they confirmed was that I would be getting $25 for the Gamecube and 1 controller, and they wouldn’t say anything about the prices for the games or controllers. Whatever, I guess I’ll find out when (and if) I get there. I also have $8 (for those of you who don’t know Gears of War is selling for $60).

Wish me luck (the good kind)!


One Response to “Getting Gears of War (right now, if I’m lucky)”

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