Gas Day

You’ve heard about snow days…you’ve even heard from me about rain days…but today, I give you the gas day.

I told Brian Dunaway from the Mission Deep comic about it over Skype, so I’ll paste it below:

CO (carbon monoxide) was detected, and this isn’t the first time that this has happened
in fact, this is a chronic problem
the school that I go to was built about 6 or 7 years ago…something else that you should know is that I live in a pixel of a town
no alarm went off
people started feeling crappy
not even today – last night
the voting for my town is held in the school
people were showing the signs of CO poisoning
and yet, for some reason, WE WENT TO SCHOOL TODAY
only to find that for some reason, the problem had not miraculously fixed itself
like problems of this nature often do, right? right?
yeah…here’s the thing
this has happened about once every 3-4 months since the school was built
according to the people that knew the seniors that knew the seniors that knew the first graduating class of 2000 or 1999 or something

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