My Gamerscore & Achievements

I just thought these were some interesting numbers that I’d like to see compared to someone else, possibly even as a standard some day.

  • My gamerscore is currently 3185 out of 6750 possible gamerscore
  • I have unlocked 191 achievements, averaging about 6 gamerscore per achievement
  • I have unlocked achievements in 18 games, and of those games I have 12 arcade games
  • On average, I have unlocked about 177 gamerscore per game from an average of about 11 achievements per game
  • I have unlocked the full gamerscore of 4 games, 3 of which were arcade games


  • Gamerscore: 47.2% of possible gamerscore
  • Achievements: 56.3% unlocked
  • Completely Unlocked: 22.2% of owned Xbox360 games

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