Best Buy never ceases to disappoint

Q: Can the Xbox 360 core system play x-box games?

A: Yes; most Xbox games are compatible with the Xbox 360 Core System. Over 90% of the games will work so it should not be a problem.

Do I even need to write a post about this? Do I really need to explain this?? Let us count how many things are wrong with this:

  1. The Xbox360 core system does not come with a hard drive, and thus does not have the emulation software needed to run original Xbox games in backwards compatability mode.
  2. It is not 90% of the games, it’s less than half
  3. It’s not the Xbox games that are compatable with the Xbox, it’s the Xbox360 that’s compatable with the games!

[From Kotaku]


2 Responses to “Best Buy never ceases to disappoint”

  1. Patrick McCoy Says:

    Yes the Xbox 360 is not compatable with most games because in order for it to be compatable the game companies have to pay a stupid amount of money to get the games ported to the system.

    As next gen continues to come out the technology gets more and more advanced. While many games are not supposed its not because they can’t do it, its simply because the company refuse to do it.

    Trust me when the playstation 3 comes out its going to run into the same problems and the Wii is only going back to cube. You have to understand that if everything where backwards compatable then it would stand to reason why not wait a few years until you can get a better system? Companys want and have to make money off of consoles. It’s economics.

  2. Shaymus22 Says:

    That’s not true – it’s an emulator, and game publishers don’t have to pay anything to Microsoft.

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