iTunes 7 [updated]

I have been dealing with the randomly deleted podcasts, the strange library glitches, and the random crackling audio…until now.  This is just about the last straw:


What the hell is this?!   Besides the fact that I can control all of this from iTunes itself, it takes up almost a third of the screen!   A third!!! ARGHG!!!1111one

UPDATE:  Because I don’t think I might have spoken all of my mind…

This is the worst Idea I’ve ever heard of.  First of all, you need to play with it if you want the control to disappear.  It’s extremely difficult.  Second, you can’t move it outside of the window!  Why not just add the controls to the bottom or top of the window instead of over the video?  Why would I ever want opaque controls over my video?!  That doesn’t even make sense!  At least make them transparent or something

It’s clear that apple, releaser of perfect software, rushed to release this a little too early. 

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