Remember this? Well, everything went as planned! I payed $20 for a video card from a friend! Now, before you jump to any conclusions, I know that this is not that good of a video card. The point is that I got it for $20 and didn’t have to go to the store. It’s an NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX 400. It’s actually listed as unavailable from amazon, but I did get the image image used in this post from them. 🙂
I can play Halo PC pretty smoothly if everything is on the lowest settings, but the real benefit from this is that video editing has become monumentally easier. Because of the new video card, I now can edit large and complex videos that I have attempted to create before, only to have them crash my computer before I was halfway done with the project. Also, I can now capture video without having my computer crash after 8-10 minutes. I feel that it is, however, necessary to note that I’ve only tested this for 10 minutes, and have not undoubtedly proven that the process is now crashproof.

I managed to create a video in the hour of time that I was allowed, although it is important to note that it is less of an entertaining video and more of a proof-of-concept.  I would never have been able to mesh together clips that were increased in speed, let alone within an hour.

The video can be found by clicking the link below:



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