I haven’t posted in a while…

…because I’ve found a new obsession. Ever heard of the Sand Game? How about the Pyro Sand Game? Of course you have. Well this is a new one. Click here, and then either click on “Newest Version – 0.97 Beta 4 (2006-04-30)” up at the top or click here.

It’s a compressed (.zip) file: For those of you who don’t know how to handle that, if you have Windows XP (of any edition) you can either right-click and select “Extract All” or open the file and click “Extract All” under Folder Tasks on the left sidebar.

Once that’s done, open BurningSand(.exe), and the fun begins!

You should see something like this:


The basics:

  • The icons on the left are menus that will open different groups of elements on the right.
  • The square icon on the top will toggle the borders on the top and bottom of the field.
  • You can speed up the game by clicking the double arrows; this will remove the cap on the framerate.
  • You can return the speed to normal by clicking the solid single arrow.
  • You can also cut the speed in half by clicking the arrow outline.
  • You can make custom elements and groups by clicking the gears icon at the top.

Tips, tricks, and things you should know:

  • Try mixing Glue and Extinguisher for…interesting results 🙂
  • If things start getting crazy you can always pause and do some damage control.
  • Use Parasites at your own risk, because they are amazingly difficult to kill unless you use brute force and literally erase them
  • If you boil Saltwater, you can get back your Salt, plus a little Steam for your trouble
  • Don’t use “?”  …just don’t.  It won’t end well.

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