Suggest changes for the 360 Dashboard Update!


Click on the image to enlarge the screenshots

of proposed updates to the dashboard!


Check out the post on Major Nelson’s Blog – there is going to be another Dashboard update in November! 😀 You can share your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions on Wildchicken’s Blog! I shared mine, let me know if you agree with what I’m proposing!

Okay, here are my suggestions:
Make sure to reduce the framerate issues after going to the dashboard (an example of such an occurrence being pressing Y from the guide) I don’t mind if whatever is going on behind the scenes takes longer, just as long as I can move from one blade to another without being able to see each frame as the blade slowly moves from one side of my screen to another.

Also, please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let there be something that you can press that will allow usage of the Guide button to access the guide without going to the screen that a notification will take you to. For example: If I want to turn down my custom background music (or something), and a notification comes on the screen that Gamertag123 is online, I want to be able to press and hold (arbitrary button) LB and the Guide Button to bypass being taken to Gamertag123’s profile, and instead be taken to the Guide.

Also, in text editing (for example; sending someone a text message) please change the button for Caps to the Right Analog Stick, since if you click the Left Analog Stick, most of the time it will not go straight down, meaning that you change what you’re selecting. Since the Right Analog Stick does not control your selection, you can more easily click it and continue typing using the D-Pad (since you wouldn’t have to move your left thumb, and could press A with your index finger. If not this, please allow customization of these controls.

Another suggestion of mine is that you could press X in the friends list to send them a message if you aren’t in a game (since in a game the option for X is to send them an invite). Maybe in a game you could click the Right Analog Stick to send them a message, but not the Left Analog Stick because that is being used for selection (even though everyone uses the D-Pad). If you don’t like this idea, you could always just allow full customization of the control scheme!

My last suggestion is that after you’re done playing back a voice message that you’ve made, and have selected “Done”, don’t have it jump your selection to the Play icon. It’s annoying! Why would I want to play it again? I just heard it!

I really hope that you’re reading everyone’s suggestions, especially since I’m part of everyone 🙂 Thanks!


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