[updated] North American, Japanese PS3 launch limited to 500,000 units

Indeed, as if all of the bad news that has been popping up recently wasn’t enough, sony maintains their firm grip on insanity. If we’re talking about Japan, the US, and Canada (which makes sense, right?), if split up evenly, each country will only be getting 130,000 units!

There are 50 states in the US. That means that there will be an average of 26,000 units delivered to each state! There are about 30,000 cities in the US. Divide that by 50 and you get an average of 600 cities per state. If 26,000 units are coming to each state, and each state has 600 cities, about 43 to 44 units will go to each city. Think of it this way; if the town or city in that you live in has the insanely-small number of 10 stores that sell game consoles in it, each store will be getting an average of 4. It is likely that 2 of those 4 will be the $600 version.

Alternatively, to make things really simple, we could do it this way:

There are about 300,000,000 people in the US.

If 130,000 units are shipped to the US (which is very likely)

There will be 1 console per 2,307 people. 

To: PS3 fans

From: sony

“Have a merry Christmas!”

[Source] – [Found through Joystiq]

UPDATE:Of course, I look dumb because it’s 400,000 going to the US and 100,000 going to Japan.  That doesn’t make sense, but hey, it’s sony.  I don’t know why I was expecting their flawlessly perfect master plan to, oh, I don’t know, make sense?!  Why are they shafting their home turf??  The Wii is going to come out in greater numbers in Japan, the only place where the two companies are alone in their fight for domination of the market (since, sadly, the Xbox360 has been such a complete and total flop in Japan).   So, what do they do?  Do they make sure that they satisfy the country that they’re based in?? No!  Of course not!  We’re sony!  We’re perfect!  Everyone likes us!  The Next Generation doesn’t start until we say it does! blahblahblahblahblah…


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