European launch of PS3 delayed until March 2007

Despite the fact that in Europe, the PS3 is going to cost $770US if you convert it from 599 Euros, the PS3 is going to launch almost an entire half year after it releases in the US! Not that it matters anyway, since there won’t be enough consoles to go around as it is, let alone if you try to spread it around the world. As if sony coming up with enough bad ideas. So much for their “global” launch! Having games that are region-free doesn’t really matter much if the launch is going to have a 5 month hiatus, now does it!

[Source] – [Found through Joystiq]


5 Responses to “European launch of PS3 delayed until March 2007”

  1. mouseecstasy Says:

    Yeah, so much for that ‘global launch’. I suppose it is just too hard, there probably won’t be enough consoles at launch everywhere else anyway. Same as the 360; there will only be enough available months later.
    It’s too bad, I would have enjoyed the Nintendo vs Sony console ruckus preceding Christmas. I hope Nintendo is going to release the Wii by November >__

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    […] In response to sony’s recent changes and alterations to their “global launch” of the PS3, people who apparently “trusted sony” for some strange reason have created, making fun of the European PS3 slogan “this is living“, which is pretty lame all by itself without any help. […]

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    […] Yes, because of the recent news about the delay of the PS3, people are very happy angry. […]

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    […] Come on, sony? Whatever happened to the “100% backwards compatibility?” did it go the way of your global launch of four million consoles? I mean, especially when the output cable for the format you’re erroneously claiming to be superior to the Xbox360 is not even going to be in the box. But hey, you’re sony, I’ll cut you some slack. I’ve heard about the problems you’ve been having lately…I understand that you’ve been under a lot of strain. That still doesn’t mean I feel sorry for the company that lies to it’s consumers… […]

  5. jj Says:

    c’mon sony,be a bit reasonable wid da pricin, atleast bring it down so dat its available in india for Rs.24250/- pls

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