Google Image Labeler – Now with 100% more advice!


I posted before about this, but my friend b33b3s totally pwned my post with his.

So instead of just having this be a dry me post a link and you people go to it post*

I feel that I should add some advice along with it:

  • Passing – When your partner passes, there is no other choice but to pass as well.  Do it!  Don’t let the little message letting you know pass you by!  They aren’t going to be entering in any labels, so stop trying!  It’s better just to let it go and move on to the next image.
  • Iteration – If you get an image of, for example, some random guy, you immediately want to label it “man”, right?  Don’t stop there – try “man”, “men”, “person”, “portrait” and so on.  Another example of this would be if you’re being shown a photo of a bunch of people in a room.  Instead of just typing “people”, try typing “group”, “crowd”, “crowded”, “men”, “women”, etc.
  • Colors – If you aren’t sure what the heck that’s supposed to be, try labeling it with a color.  If it’s a photo of a cloudless sky, and your partner hasn’t figured that out yet, try typing in “blue”.
  • Priorities – If you’re a slow typist, or if you aren’t sure which of the hundreds of labels that the image you’re being shown fits into, enter in the ones that are most likely to be picked by your partner.  If it’s a screenshot from Halo, instead of entering in the name of the game, try simply typing in “game” or “3D” first.  For all you know, your partner might be a soccer mom who’s never even heard of the game.
  • General Advice – Try starting with the simple or most obvious feature of the image.  If it’s an image of a blue square, don’t say that it’s a turquoise quadrilateral. 
  • Good luck!

* For the record, and in all fairness, he wrote his post before I posted mine, and I wrote my post before I read his. 🙂

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