PS3 won’t come with HDMI cables

This is from Joystiq, ps3land, Kotaku, Gizmodo, Evil Avatar, Wikipedia, and various other sources.

Confirmed by our good friends down at Circuit City, the HDMI cables that you will need can cost anywhere from $20 to $300, so expect to be shelling out a little bit more than your $600US, or 600 Euros ($770US). If you want HDMI, you can’t get it by buying the $500 PS3 SKU, because it’s non-upgradeable.

So, let’s see. I want a PS3, and I want to play it in HDMI.

$600 – PS3 with HDMI support

$80* – One PS3 game

$20 – HDMI cable

$700Total (High-Definition game console, 1 controller, 1 game, online play)

*Based on analysts’ views, and what makes sense with the information so far.

Wow! $700…that’s interesting.

Let’s try something:

$400 – Xbox360 Premium (outputs in High Definition)

$60 – Oblivion

$20 – Halo

$30 – Halo 2

$50 – 12 month subscription of XboxLive
$40 – Xbox360 controller

$40 – Xbox360 controller

$700 – Total (High-Definition game console, 3 controllers, 4 games, online play)

Now, especially since PS3’s online service is made by Gamespy, which in my opinion is a piece of crap, and that at E3, sony did not list online play as one of “these features [that] will be available without extra charge”, not forgetting that “extra charge” is not the same as “free”.

2 Responses to “PS3 won’t come with HDMI cables”

  1. North American, Japanese PS3 launch limited to 500,000 units « My Thoughts Says:

    […] Indeed, as if all of the bad news that has been popping up recently wasn’t enough, sony maintains their firm grip on insanity. If we’re talking about Japan, the US, and Canada (which makes sense, right?), if split up evenly, each country will only be getting 130,000 units! […]

  2. Farmer Says:

    And on top of that with Sony’s track record for quality chances are the PS3 will have more problems at launch than the 360. It’s best to wait a year or two until Sony works their bugs out. 😉

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