Something Interesting


I know that this is a little strange at first glance so please bear with me…there’s no other way that I can think of to describe my idea.

Think of this as a type of game. The goal would be to reach as many sites as you can. However, the catch would be that you can only go to other sites by using the links shown on the page that you are currently on.

So, for example, here’s how it would go:

On this page, I link to Kotaku in my previous post. If you were starting from there, you would be able to go to Kotaku, which links to a lot of sites. Through the sites that you are now able to go to, since they are linked on Kotaku, you can now link to more and more sites.

I‘m going to (just because I’m curious) have drawn out a chart and add it on to this post when I’m done, starting on this blog. What I think will be is fascinating about this is how many sites I will have after each of what I will call levels that I travel up through.

And hey, if you don’t get it, reread it because I made sure that it makes sense.

Okay, if it still doesn’t make sense, let me know at

One Response to “Something Interesting”

  1. Hazumi Says:

    The first thing I’d do is download Xenu and start spidering so I can win!

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