What I’m saving up for

mybookWestern Digital My Book 160GB External Hard Drive

It connects by USB 2.0 port and is priced at $129.99 at the nearest BestBuy. It would more than double my storage space, since I have 2 usable* hard drives at the moment: C:\ (33GB) which is internal, and is what came with my PC, the one that Windows XP Home Edition is installed on, and G:\ (120GB) also internal, which I bought for $100 or something close to that price. *I also have D:\ (6GB) which is internal, came with the machine, and is technically usable, but is where the Recovery Partition is stored. If I really wanted to I could store anything I wanted on that drive, but I don’t really need the 0.9GB of free space that badly. All of what’s been mentioned adds up to 160GB, which is what I can get through USB in the form of this My Book for $130. If everything goes as planned, I should have enough money for it at the end of September. After that, I’ll be looking to buy a mid to high-end video card…any suggestions?


4 Responses to “What I’m saving up for”

  1. Jermaine Says:

    Dude I have this same exact hard drive for my MacBook. Except I bought it at Best buy when it was on sell, for 80 bucks! Yeah I know, I should have bought more than one. It’s an awesome external though.

  2. Shaymus Says:

    yeh forgot to leave a comment, cant remember what it was now,forget about it.

  3. Shaymus22 Says:

    Aughh…saw a 200GB hard drive for $99 today! It was on sale, and I only have $35 so far! $55 tomorrow!

  4. Games shipping this week « My Thoughts Says:

    […] I can’t believe how many games are in this list!  There certainly are a lot of handheld game releases…too bad I can’t buy any of them yet!  I’m only a week or two away from saving up $130, and then I can finally play something other than Mario Kart DS! […]

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