“Cheating” in Halo 2

I sent the following message to both Frankie (Frank O’Connor) and Achronos (Tom Gioconda) at Bungie:

I say “don’t balk” because although the subject of this message is cheating, it is not another whaambulance example.

I’ve read numerous posts by Achronos and other people that post in color on the forums that BxR, since it is a glitch, albeit an animation-interruption glitch, is cheating, since the exploitation of any glitch to gain any advantage of any kind is and should be considered cheating.

My question is this – if that is true (and I should think that it is), leaving out my personal opinion (because I don’t really matter much), does this mean that meleeing to stop the sound of, for example, a battle rifle when it is picked up (that “click”) or, another example, a shotgun when it is picked up (that “shk-shck”) is cheating, since it is a sound-interruption glitch?

This is not an argument made for the purpose of arguing for or against the current method of classifying what is and what is not cheating, but is instead actual curiosity – although it is specifically offered as a “Did you know?” hint by Bungie, could crouching at the peak of a jump in order to raise your legs in the game be (although this is a stretch) considered cheating?

Please let me know, I’m not trying to make you “eat your words” or anything like that, it’s just that I’m simply curious.


The only difference between the PM that I sent Frankie and the one that I sent Achronos was that in the message I sent to Achronos, I put “you” instead of his name, since that would be a little wierd.

I haven’t gotten a reply from them yet (seeing as I just sent the messages about 5 minutes ago), but what about you? Yes, you? What do you think?


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