Pipe your Xbox360 audio through your PC Speakers in 10 steps.

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We now return to your regularly-scheduled tutorial already in progress.


This tutorial was written by me, not pasted from some other site. I came up with this myself.

Step 1: Find what is shown in the photo below

You can click on the image to enlarge it if this size is too small.

This adaptor can be found in the box that your Xbox360 came in. I cannot speak for those bought outside of the US, or if such an adaptor can be found in a Xbox360 Core package box, as I bought the $400 SKU.

**UPDATE: I have been told that I was wrong, and that such an adaptor only comes with the 360 to VGA output adaptor (which I have). If anyone can confirm this, please either email me or comment below because I am unsure.**


Step 2: Connect the “Red & White Audio” cables to the adaptor as shown in the photo below

You can click on the image to enlarge it if this size is too small.

Step 3: Connect the adaptor with the audio cables attached to your PC audio input port (where you would regularly plug a mic) as shown in the photo below

You can click on the image to enlarge it if this size is too small.

Step 4: Connect your speakers (or if your computer doesn’t require powered speakers, your headphones or earbuds) to your computer like you would have them wired regularly, as shown in the photo below

You can click on the image to enlarge it if this size is too small.

Step 5: Open the Control Panel

Step 6: If your Control Panel is set to the default “Category View”, open “Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices” as shown below

You can click on the image to enlarge it if this size is too small.

Afterwards, open “Sounds and Audio Devices” as shown below

You can click on the image to enlarge it if this size is too small.

If your Control Panel is set to “Classic View”, open “Sounds and Audio Devices” as shown below

You can click on the image to enlarge it if this size is too small

Step 7: Click on the “Advanced” button that is in the “Device Volume” part of the window, as shown selected below

You can click on the image to enlarge it if this size is too small

Step 8: Under the “Options” dropdown menu, open “Properties” as shown below

You can click on the image to enlarge it if this size is too small

Step 9: Scroll down the list and make sure that “Microphone” is checked as shown below

You can click on the image to enlarge it if this size is too small

Step 10: Make sure that the “Microphone” volume is unmuted, and I recommend that you make sure that “Mic Boost” is unchecked as shown below or else your audio will be what I can only describe as “crunchy”

You can click on the image to enlarge it if this size is too small

Congratulations! You should now be able to hear your Xbox360 audio through your speakers!

If anyone encounters problems, has any questions, concerns, or comments, please send me an email at Shaymus22@gmail.com.


164 Responses to “Pipe your Xbox360 audio through your PC Speakers in 10 steps.”

  1. Search Terms « My Thoughts Says:

    […] I’ve noticed that I seem to be getting some suspiciously lopsided search term referrals, so I got curious. Apparently my post about how to pipe your Xbox360 audio through your PC speakers is bringing in a lot of traffic. […]

  2. bobby Says:

    thank you!! i have been looking everywhere for this exact step by step tutorial. i got everything working fine, but the hi-def doesnt necessarily look hi-def? lol. what size moniter are you using, and what screen resolution do you have your 360 set to? I’m on a 19″ dell ultrasharp lcd, and i set my screen res to 1280×1024 and i have to say im not impressed at all, games dont look much different to me than when i was playing it on my standard tv. bummed.

  3. Shaymus22 Says:

    Hmm…You must have had a very high quality television! Perhaps it’s that you have a low quality monitor (I’m not familiar with PC Monitors). (I would like to say, however, that I’m happy that I’ve been able to help!) I have a 15″ hp pavilion f1503 LCD, which you can find on amazon here. Thanks and good luck!

  4. Sean Says:

    Hey thanks man, great tutorial.

  5. Shaymus22 Says:

    you’re welcome!

  6. Trevor Says:

    didnt work for me, i got the core system and bought for 40 bucks the vga with the red n white audio cables, did exactly what u said, no sound, i am using my 19inch widescreen gateway monitor i have dvi to my grap card and vga to xbox, and the audio hooked up exactly as u do…

  7. Shaymus22 Says:

    Make sure that all of your connections are sured up, and that your speakers and audio levels are high enough.

  8. StevenW Says:

    Will the quaility be good with 5.1 speakers. And, does my PC have to be on all the time when using the speakers.

  9. mike Says:

    Thanks man I was trying to figure out how to do this. I mean I have a 7.1 sound card in my pc and a 5.1 sound system so I thought there had to be a way to hear both my pc and xbox 360. I used line in though as microphone quality wasn’t as good but I’m big in the audio department. Thanks again man, you rock!

  10. Shaymus22 Says:

    You’re welcome! I’m always happy to help people out! 🙂

  11. Shaymus22 Says:

    StephenW, your computer needs to be on, and I can only assume that the quality will be fine with 5.1

  12. Dan Says:

    Came from Google in search of how I can rig up my potential 360 (considering buying one tomorrow) via my PC. This’ll do nicely, at least I know this part can be done! TY ^_^

  13. Dell Says:

    This is great-I’ve been looking all over for this it really helped out.

  14. Ben Says:

    Do you have to have your computer on all the time you are using the xbox360?

  15. Shaymus22 Says:

    In order to have your sound card active, yes you probably do

  16. eeguy Says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial! I spent the whole night last night trying to figure this out. Just ordered a logitech game console adapter for 5.1 speaker systems, but before that comes, I’m gonna get the sound out using your way =)

    P.S. I can confirm that the RCA-to-minijack adapter only comes with the VGA cable which you need to buy separately because I just bought it yesterday.

  17. Andrew Says:

    or buy THAT for 95% less, if you don’t need all the fancy vga cables and just want to hook up your 2.1 speakers while you play connected to a tv or something.

  18. Jim Says:

    Thanks so much man! I lost the 5.1 to console adapter that came with my logitech system and was dissapointed to see that the adapter is backordered at a lot of websites.

    I was racking my brain trying to figure out how to do this but problem solved now!

    Thanks again!!

  19. Chris Says:

    Thanks for this guide dude, I’ve been hearing for a long time that you could plud the 360 into your sound card via a VGA cable and a minijack converter, but no other website have actually laid it out straight with an explanation. Thanks!! 😀

  20. Phayz Says:

    Did this by wiring my mic out on my tv screen to the aux input on my pc – produces much better sound

  21. luke Says:

    does the pc have to be turned on?¿?¿

  22. Bill Says:

    You can get that rca to minijack adapter for five bucks at Radio Shack. No need to buy that particular cable, if you already have a component cable.

  23. Shaymus22 Says:

    It’s not a minijack

  24. Yuri Says:

    Thank you very much for this help, I just connected my 5.1 speakers but I have only sound coming from one speaker instead of all 5. can you suggest anything?

  25. Shaymus22 Says:

    It probably has something to do with one of your connections…you should check them

  26. Yuri Says:

    I checked the connections and played around with settings and got one of them to work. Now i have 2.1 going on but not 5.1 … i mean I dont mind since sound is really nice and much better than my tv but still would be nice to have all 5 speakers instead of 2

  27. john Says:

    i have the same issue getting 2.1 though my 5.1 speakers

    but only when using the xbox
    from trial and error, the aux jack works better than the mic port

    i dont know if i have the console set to 5.1 though i have top check it when i get home.

  28. Adam Says:

    i have a problem that I’m hoping you can help me with Shaymus.

    I have a 22″ LCD Monitor, but no computer. So how would I run my sound off say… some PC speakers alone?? I’m guessing that the adapter would some-how come in use?

    Any help would be appreciated as no-one has been able to solve this for me…

    Cheers, adam.

  29. Shaymus22 Says:

    You could use a 1/8″ splitter, commonly used for mp3 players to split headphones/earbuds. Strangely enough, it works!

  30. jonny Says:

    do u no how to set this up on windows vista the sound and audio devices looks completely different i can’t do it:( im sure there is a way just everything is laid out different on windows vista. hope you can help

  31. jonny Says:

    totally worked it out through trail and error! 🙂 cheers this helped me so much would have probably bought new speakers or somthing coz i never wud have worked that out! cheers again

  32. Juande Says:

    I have Windows Vista… its very difficult to follow these instructions

  33. Hurley Says:

    Hey man, this would probably work for me but my input port is acting up (as in, it doesnt work).. is there any other way to just get splitter cables for my speakers..?

  34. Shaymus22 Says:

    mmm…you could try something like this, but it wouldn’t be piped through your PC or anything: http://flickr.com/photos/shaymus22/603530663/

  35. William Day Says:

    I ahve just got my X360 and go the picture working fine through the monitor. However when i get to Step 9 there is no box for me to tick for the “microphone”! What can i do?

  36. Shaymus22 Says:

    I’m not completely sure…try looking for other audio devices

  37. Westy Says:

    that guide is good but what i am thinking of doing is connecting my Xbox 360 to my soundcard via a digital opitical cable and then from my soundcard to my 5.1 Logictec speakers. Would this work? i am using Vista, if anyone has done this or has any advice it would me appreciated. I am hoping to get films and games in true 5.1 not just the same sound comming out of all the speakers.


  38. gav Says:

    i have windows Vista and i cant make sense of the audio options because it is different anyhelp from someone that has vista and is doing it this way

  39. Justin Says:

    hey all, i’m having trouble getting 5.1 (i just get 2.1) out of my xbox 360… my 360 is set to 5.1, my computer is set to 5.1

    I’m listening to music on my computer in 5.1 right now, but for some reason, when I switch my monitor over to the 360, i only get 2.1

    any ideas whats going on?

  40. Shaymus22 Says:

    Well if you’re following this tutorial, that’s because the red and white cables for audio only supply information to left and right inputs to speakers.

  41. Roman Says:

    Hi, i was wondering if you know anything about this cable (can’t find much on internet about it). http://www.cybercomm.nl/~twi/verloop.jpg

    My 2.1 audio set only have a green 3.5mm jack male thingie, which i could plug in the 3.5mm jack female thingie on the photo right? Could you give me any information about this cable and maybe where to get it?

  42. Shaymus22 Says:

    What you have there is a female 1/8″ stereo / female RCA audio cable.

    If you wanted to use the RCA – 1/8″ converter that comes with the 360 – VGA kit in the way that I used it in this tutorial, I would suggest using a 1/8″ splitter to connect the RCA – 1/8″ converter to a 1/8″ cord that would plug into your computer’s microphone plug.

    If you just are wondering how to pipe your 360 audio to your computer with the cable you have there, I would suggest plugging the 360 RCA audio cables into that cable you have there, and using a 1/8″ cord to plug the green end of your cable into the microphone plug of your computer.

  43. JmCorp07 Says:

    will this work in connecting the red and white audio cable to: Adaptor – Stereo Mini Jack 3.5mm to RCA Phono Splitter

    by the way, great job in finding this out!

  44. Shaymus22 Says:

    That should work, and thanks! 🙂

  45. Dan Says:

    jonny I WISH YOU FRICKING TOLD PEOPLE HOW YOU DID IT ON VISTA, Jesus you twit bag I hat when people say “Hey yea never mind I did it” and never post how they did

    If someone works out away to get this running on vista e-mail spikethespiker@hotmail.co.uk and show me how thank you.

  46. Nick Says:

    Somebody found a way to make it work on Vista?

  47. njohns99 Says:

    Yeah, has anyone found out how to make it work on Vista?

  48. Adam Says:

    Yes, On Vista is works No problems PLUG IT INTO “LINE IN” this is the BLue Connection at the back of your computer,

    1. See What Sound Drivers you use, I Use ‘Realtek’ the realtek Option allows me to use PLAY BACK the LINE IN.

    2. Connect to Line in + Set it up in sound have LINE IN playing back.

    3. Switch on Xbox with will override Computer sounds and Sallys your uncle Bobs your Aunt… or what ever…

    messege back here if U get stuck

  49. The King Says:

    All I want to say is I love you. Now I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on speakers or anything else.

  50. Dane Says:

    hey man I am getting a weird humming when there is no sound being transmitted – it is working fine except for this. any suggestions?

  51. Dan T Says:


    I spent some time dinking around with this, and worked out a way to use my PC speakers without the PC on. Only problem is that you have to plug the speakers into a cable from your 360 – you can’t leave them plugged in to your PC. (In other words, you have to move the cable every time you switch between Xbox360 sound and PC sound.) It would be possible to get around this, but you would need a Y-adaptor that doesn’t seem to be a standard item.

    LMK if this is of interest and I’ll post details.

  52. Kyle Says:

    I have computer speakers (just 2 of them) a 20 inch dell (with only the vga input and power input)

    But I can’t figure out where the audio thing goes. I have XP and thoes direction did not help. I have the green,yellow,pink,white things on the back of my computer but I don’t know where to put the red and white adapter thing into?
    Please help I can’t get audio but I am fine with video. What do i need to do.

    Also my moniter is way far away from my computer so it is hard plugging in the vga and having the RED AND WHITE ADAPTER thing get to my computer.



  53. Kyle Says:

    also on xp
    under properties (for playback) i only see volume control, wave, sw synth, cd player and input monitor


    under recording is line in, rear mic, and microphone

  54. William Day Says:

    Hi All again.

    I left a comment about how to get it working before, since then i got it fixed. However i have now upgraded to VISTA. I read what Adam said, but i have a sigmatel audio driver! How do i do it? When i look at the green, bar it goes up and down when the x360 is on indicicating it is picking up the sound from the x360. HOwever it is not getting played back through the speakers..cant for the lifew of me figure it out. Got a XPS420 if it helps

    Would realtake driver work if i installed that…or would it have to be sigmatel?

  55. William Day Says:

    Well i figured it out….and heres what i did…it was posted in a ell forum and i thought i would tell everyone in case it helps

    1 – press windows + r to get the run box up
    2 – type regedit
    3 – find and search for the line of code “EnableInputMonitor”
    4 – when you found it, double click and change its value from 0000 00 to 0000 01
    5 – reboot
    6 – go to the sound in control panel > playback > speakers/headphones > properties > levels > should be a button which was once not there syaing input monitor…un mute in and you get sound from the headphone socket from your x360.

    Does not work if you plug the x360 into the lineput but does if it goes into the microphone socket like you use for XP

    Hope it help

  56. daZzz Says:

    Hey dude.. ty a lot for this turtorial, you just saved my television from a cruel death 😉

    ty again

    xx daZzz

  57. In need of help Says:


    My roommate just switched to a desktop PC and getting the sound through the speakers was a serious pain in the ass–which we couldn’t figure out.

    Until I found your tutorial. Thanks for the help. You have no idea how excited we were after it worked.

    Thanks, again!

  58. Ephraim Gatsby Says:

    Thank you very, very much. I have been trying to figure out how to do this for a whole week, it was driving me bloody mad.

  59. Hallur Says:

    Hi, I was thinking if I could use my Dell Inspiron 9400 as a speaker can I do that if so could you help me get past this with Windows Vista Premium.

  60. were Says:

    I got this working but still on get sound from one speaker, any ideas what to look at in xp to get this working?

  61. Flyder Says:

    It’s a good tutorial although my question is not answered there:

    Is there a way to put the end of the Y-adapter directly to your speakers without the use of a computer. It’s really driving me crazy to have both my pc and my xbox 360 on to play. The 360 has already so much noise.

  62. Steve Says:

    I cant do step 9 for some reason i have no microphone playback option can anyone help?

  63. Mack Says:

    I’m With steve above, no microphone playback. I only have it under recording & has the following : Line-in and microphone. thanks

  64. shibbz Says:

    For anyone with vista and a 5.1 surround speaker setup:

    Adam’s steps above work perfectly (thanks) but for those of you who have 5.1 speakers, the adapter might be covering one of the slots *which is the case for me*. To fix this, you can still plug the adapter into the microphone slot. You just follow the steps from Adam, but you put the microphone playback volume up instead. This way you can use your 5.1 surround speakers correctly and still get your 360 to work with them.

  65. shibbz Says:

    Ah forgot to mention, to get to your realtek options, you go to control panel (make sure its not classic view), then go to hardware and sound, and at the bottom there should be the realtek settings. this is where you can change the microphone play back volume.

  66. DoCWaSaBe Says:

    check my videos for further help( i have 2 methods to do it)


  67. Geenius Says:

    Thanks to Shaymus for the original tutorial, but special thanks to William Day for his instructions. Sorted immediately following his points above.

  68. dylan Says:

    Hey i was just wanted to know what is that adapter called because i can not find it on the internet.

  69. dylan Says:

    I forgot to say i am already using “VGA HD AV Cable” to connect my xbox to my computer but the red and whute cord is to short to make it to my tower, and are you just using a normal cord in your pictures because there is the 3 coloured cored if so how are using your xbox on your comuter what do you use to connect your xbox 360 to your moniter.

  70. Shaymus22 Says:

    @dylan: I’m using Microsoft’s VGA cable for the Xbox360

  71. Shaymus22 Says:

    @dylan: What I think you’re talking about is the RCA audio / 1/8″ converter

  72. dylan Says:

    shaymus i cheacked out what cord you are talking about and i have the same one lol but it is not long enough to go from my moniter to my computer tower. Is there anything i can do or buy to make it reach?

  73. Shaymus22 Says:

    Yes, there is…you need a RCA female-female: http://smartprodukter.no/images/rca-female-female.gif and then plug in another cord.

  74. dylan Says:

    yeh ok but what do i do with the RCA female-female which cord do i plug in from the vga cord and then the other side what cord do i plug in there?
    Sorry about all the trouble lol

  75. Shaymus22 Says:

    I’m not sure what you mean. You plug the VGA converter cable into the 360. You will have three cords out; 1 video (VGA) and 2 audio (red & white RCA)

    Plug the VGA into your monitor, and deal with the audio the way I’ve described.

  76. dylan Says:

    I have 2 cords 1 red and 1 white and 1 cord the splits from them that connects to the back of my monitor and you said i need a “RCA female-female” and then you said “and then plug in another cord” so what cord the yellow or white cord goes ointo it and what other cord goes in to it?

  77. Shaymus22 Says:

    The red & white cables are audio. If you have a yellow cable, you are using the wrong set of cables. What you want is red white & VGA (rectangular plug that goes to a monitor).

  78. dylan Says:

    I don’t have a yellow cable i have the one that goes into my moniter and a red and white one.

  79. phil Says:

    Hello, my speakers are plugged in by usb. Will this process still be able to work?

  80. Shaymus22 Says:

    I think that this should probably still work.

    Good luck!

  81. Paul Says:

    That is absolutley clouter! Thanks a lot

  82. Andy Says:

    Hey, i managed to get it working using realtek and plugging into my line in port, but i am getting terrible sound quality, does anybody know how to improve this? The quality is fine on my pc with the speakers but terrible with the xbox.


  83. p4nda3xpres Says:

    i got vista n i dont got the same menu as u, i found osund but i dont no how 2 get past that does it matter that i have vistA?

  84. PIXeL_92 Says:


    Thanks for post I can only hear the sound on my speakers if my ear is right next to it but works perfectly though earphones.
    Please can you help on the speaker side of things.

    Thanks again

  85. ggair10 Says:

    Hey i have Vista and Sigmatel.. i havent seen one reply that i can work with.. i have tried everything.. someone please explain how to do it with sigmatel not realtek!


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  87. ross Says:

    this sounded great so i went out and bought the required adapters, but when i started to set it up, the audio cable line will not fit into its slot with the hdmi cable attached or visca versa. How can i get both to be plugged into my x360 @ the same time?

  88. loui Says:

    I was looking for the RCA audio cable everywhere including Wallmart. I finally found it at Radio Shack, I also had to buy an adapter which decreased the size of the RCA plug. Works perfectly Thank You.
    11$ was the cost worth every penny.

  89. 51speakers Says:

    this is really great, I’m buying an xbox next week so this tutorial will be very useful

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  92. Scott Says:

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone can confirm this to work with a pair of Logitech G35 7.1 surround sound gaming headset. The G35 plugs into my PC via USB, so I should be able to use this same adapter just like I would for speakers, except i’m chosing headphones instead of speakers. I don’t see why it wouldn’t. But if the sound works, does the mic on the G35 work as well? Thanks.

  93. Mark Gould Says:

    Im using HDMI to my telly with an Elite console an then the Audio Cable they give with it which has two phone and one optical, i got a 2 phono to 1 3.5 mini and the sound comes out my speakers with 5.1 (creative x-fi which will be up mixing) but if i turn up my telly i can tell the speakers are behind in therms of sound, anyone know a way round this?

  94. jamdbz Says:

    I did all the steps to get it working on windows vista (plugging in line in, etc) but I’m only getting sound out of my left speaker, any ideas?

  95. Gene Says:

    I have the same issue as ross above. The XBox is attached via HDMI to an Acer monitor. The speakers on the monitor are not very good and I would like to use the stereo PC speakers instead which are attached to my Mac. I bought the Y adapter and plugged it into the Mac’s microphone (or audio input) jack on the Mac, but it is not possible to have the HDMI cable and the XBox AV cable plugged in at the same time, as the bulky housing of the AV cable impinges in the HDMI cable. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Krantzstone Says:

      # Gene Says:
      November 17, 2009 at 2:02 pm | Reply

      I have the same issue as ross above. The XBox is attached via HDMI to an Acer monitor. The speakers on the monitor are not very good and I would like to use the stereo PC speakers instead which are attached to my Mac. I bought the Y adapter and plugged it into the Mac’s microphone (or audio input) jack on the Mac, but it is not possible to have the HDMI cable and the XBox AV cable plugged in at the same time, as the bulky housing of the AV cable impinges in the HDMI cable. Any suggestions? Thanks!

      You need the “HDMI HD AV Cable Optical Audio Adapter for Xbox 360” (do a search on eBay for this, because buying it retail costs about $60). Really, since you have the HDMI cable already, all you want is the Optical/Stereo RCA Audio Adapter that comes with the package. It replaces your standard XBox 360 Audio/Video cable and is made to fit alongside the HDMI cable without getting in the way.

      If your monitor has an audio out/headphone jack somewhere, you could just plug your speakers in there, since the HDMI cable carries audio, not just video. My monitor has an audio out jack, but I don’t think it’s amplified because the volume is really low if I just plug in my headphones directly into my monitor. I’m assuming if I plug my powered PC speakers into the monitor, it should sound a lot better.

  96. iQuartex Says:

    hey, i just wanted to know what the adaptor you have is called cos i bought my Xbox in Australia and the adaptor wasnt included in the package.

    pls email me at: shadowspiral@hotmail.com

  97. BlueNinja Says:

    This all worked fine for me, but now, when I play, my sound sometimes doesn’t sound… right. For instance, in Mass Effect 2, when a character speaks behind me, it sounds far-off and removed, and I can’t figure out how to change that. It’s only a minor problem, but one I’d like to fix nonetheless. 😦

  98. mtp Says:

    will the rca adpater work with the original component cables that you get with the xbox.

  99. Khashai Says:

    You are a saint. The 1.5W integrated speakers in my monitor were driving me insane. Couldn’t figure out a cost-effective method for re-routing the audio (no audio out on my monitor). This will work perfectly, thanks a bundle!

  100. sjr Says:

    i have done thess steps and me speekers are crunchy bt i have windows 7 and dont no what to do help

    • homer Says:

      Had the same problem as you sjr. The problem got much better when I turned the microphone boost to 0. that helped a lot.

      hope this helped

  101. Nubbert Says:

    Does this improve sound quality if my PC has a good sound card?

  102. Sadie Says:

    Hey. Will this work if I use my computers built in speakers?

  103. ed Says:


    It worked. I bought this a/v adapter at radio shack for $7.00 and started playing with my headphones on.

    but here’s the problem, when i went online to play with a friend, i lost the voice chat while it’s connected. is this normal ? is there a way around this ? i wanted to play with the game sound on my left ear and the voice chat on my right ear…:)

    thank you. ~ ed

  104. Joe Says:

    Instead of doing the red and white into my pc could i run my hdmi to vga to my monitor for picture and put my optical cable to the computer

  105. Minh Lamberth Says:

    Hi buddy .. good the see you again .. Thanks for your posting ..

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  107. Jack Says:

    This is not an ideal setup as it requires your pc to be on while playing xbox.

    Get the cables as shown to allow you to have the xbox with sound without the pc on.

  108. Establishing Audio from xbox onto computer speakers Says:

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  109. Ryan Says:

    I just want the display of my 360 to be through my LCD TV and the sound to come through my Logitech 3:1 speakers including subwoofer, I don’t want pictures on my laptop lol just the audio through the speakers… i’m really confused…

  110. Ryan Says:

    Hey Jack your set up looks to be what I need, could you please tell me the names of the left and centre cables which I need to get this whole thing set up? cheers.

  111. Liam Says:

    For anyone on Windows 7 you need to go to sound -> recording, select microphone and tick “listen to this device” to enable it.

  112. Serinos Says:

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