Watch this

I’ll post a screenshot if what I think is going to happen after I post this actually happens, but I’m going to try something:  I’m going to post a bunch of what could be common search terms and see if I get any extra traffic.  Here it goes…

I saw them having sex, it was sexy and erotic.

Halo 3 spoilers below.

Cheat Cheats Cheat Codes Code Coding See More Below

Bungie IGN Gamespot

PS3 blows because of its cost

Homophobe Homophobia Homophobic

Xbox360 rocks Xbox 360 roxxorz

pwned pwns pwnage owned own ownage

Okay, so let’s see what happens.  WordPress provides detailed information as to which posts are more popular and what referring links send people to the blog, so this should be very interesting.

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