Aged, like cheese, to perfection

They can see beyond the light
And into the Ivory Tower

The webcams portray
The start of another day
As the madness begins

They brighten the world
One day at a time
Their artistic creations
Touching the sublime

While the Webmaster drinks
And forum threads proclaim
"This Stinks!"
The ninjas refrain
From going insane

The monkey man sings
While bridgers ping
What spammers bring to fling
And then get zinged
The sherkins fly
As Shishka waves goodbye

The updates come in flocks
As the universe ends
Chad turns off the lights
And takes care of all of the locks
Soffish now swims in LingLing's jar
While sounds of Gnop 2 are heard from afar
Truth, Carnage, Rampancy.

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