Vampirism in Oblivion

I cured myself of vampirism yesterday! I got tired of having to wait every time that I wanted to go outside, since feeding is hard. They have to be asleep, and it’s seen as a crime by the city guard. I was avoiding getting rid of what I had at first sought out to find, but had become an annoyance. Yes, you can heal yourself of sun damage, but it gets worse when you can’t fast-travel when taking damage, and the sun comes up at 6am, 3 hours before everything except for Inns are open. You can wait, but you can die while waiting, just as you can if you literally stand outside in the sun for an hour in the game (game time is about 1 minute every 2 seconds). Yes, you can lose the sun damage if you feed, but if you wait for someone to research something, or for any other reason, 24 hours later you need to feed again, and if you go 4 days (or 96 hours) without feeding, your Vampirism is increased to 100 (percent?) and everyone you talk to will (instead of saying something like “what do you need” or “what can I help you with”) scream “You Won’t Get Any Of My Blood!” or “Get Away From Me You Monster!”. This includes people that you need to talk to in order to complete quests, as well as Shop Owners and Merchants. This is not only annoying, but can seriously impede progress, especially if it’s time-sensitive, such as warning people about a certain (I’m not going to spoil the game for anyone) city being threatened, and if you don’t help them quickly, thing will get much worse. The quest was apparently the large and complex quest, but I got it done in just over the 2 hours that I was allotted yesterday. Should I be proud? I’m not sure if I even like it yet, as I haven’t had a chance to walk a step (literally, as your strength is increased by being a vampire and now that I’ve lost that I’m over-encumbered).

8 Responses to “Vampirism in Oblivion”

  1. LajmeN Says:

    I got a big problem with this. Wtf shall I do with it? I can’t repair my stuff or nothing, they are just afraid of me! You got a tip plz?

  2. Dreath Says:

    I am an Vampire trying to get rid of it. I dont have a promblem feeding but i do have a problem with the sun since i dont feed every night
    How you get cures
    i got oblivian 6 days ago and im lvl 11 i know all about it since i basically clocked all morrowind and know all the secrets Vampirism is good when your an assasin of the dark brotherhood but…. I see no reason why you should be a vampire forever I need some soul gems so i can turn back into a normal person because im sick of waiting inside a house waiting for the sun to go away and it gets really annoying when you got to go to a shop…


  3. Dreath Says:

    ooh tip is go and feed on people enter someones house if your near the Imperial City go past the main bridge that leads to the other areas from the map from the imperial city theres a shack there go in it and feed on him sleep intill day and find the shop your looking for and stock up on some hammers too,

  4. Shaymus22 Says:

    Since it’s been so long since I’ve played Oblivion, and even longer since I had to deal with being a vampire, I’ve actually forgotten how you initiate the quest that cures you from being a vampire!

    I remember that you ask someone about it, but I forget who! I think it might be either someone from the mages guild or someone in the church or something. Good luck!

  5. Dreath Says:

    I am having trouble being a vampire I need to slay someone but the sun makes that almost impossible.
    I have to get 7 cloves of garlic ( only got 1 )
    and the rest of the ingredients its annoying being a vampire I never wanna be a vampire again a werewolf is different story

  6. Dreath Says:

    Argonian blood what blade do i have to use sorry for bothering…

  7. zone Says:

    if u want cure for “VAMPIRISM”

    Talk to Raminus Polus. u can find him at the Arcana University.

    I think being a vampire is great i know a guy that sleeps 24/7 and i just fast travel to him and suck his blood and im good.

    and i hate useing torches i like useing night eye with life detect helps alot

  8. werepyre Says:

    to get to the quest that takes you out of campirism you need to talk to lucius in the dark brotherhood and he tells you what to do then you go to where he says and you find a vampire you talk to that wants to cure his wife and he tells you what to do and so on and so on…
    the soul gems can be found in the mages guild but they have to be the grand/great(i font remember exactly what they’re called)soul gems
    for those people that need to feed alot you can find a quest that has something to do with a cave but at the end of it, you get a house with a slave that you can feed off of whenever you need
    good luck every1!

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