Linksys “Live” Chat (Log)

Lailei (17182): Hi, my name is Lailei (17182). How may I help you?
Shaymus: well
Shaymus: I’m working on a math project
Lailei (17182): Okay.
Shaymus: I need to knoe the range of wi-fi towers
Shaymus: and have no idea where to start
Shaymus: *know
Lailei (17182): Can you please confirm the model number of your Linksys product?
Shaymus: are you a bot?
Shaymus: I don’t know
Lailei (17182): I am sorry?
Shaymus: I’m curious about access points, and how effective they are over long range
Shaymus: I have no idea what the model number of the product that I am searching for because I am searching for a product
Lailei (17182): I see.
Lailei (17182): With our regular wireless routes / access points , we can give assurance of about 100 feet of distance .
Shaymus: Does Linksys contract/sell wi-fi towers which would increase the range of a normal wireless router?
Lailei (17182): What do you mean?
Shaymus: I’m talking about an actual structure that would be different from a home-owned network and thus have a greater range
Shaymus: For example, enabling wi-fi for a small town
Lailei (17182): No. We do not have that service.
Lailei (17182): Our products are for home and small office only.
Shaymus: I see
Shaymus: do you know of any other company/companies that would/could offer that kind of service?
Lailei (17182): I am sorry we do not have that information.
Shaymus: Thanks anyway


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