HD & Oblivion!

Yesterday I finally used the $100 CompUSA gift card that I had been holding for so long!
Photos are coming soon, but unfortunately at the same time as this I've also been integrated by my overconcerned parents that I need "balance" in my life. Most of you reading this can probably see where this is going because it's very likely that they've lived through it themselves, or are in fact living through it, or even causing their children to live through such restrictions as the ones that have been imposed upon me. On weekdays, I can use equipment that requires a power outlet (save regular household items such as phones, lights, etc) from (and only from) 4pm to 6pm. Not before, not after. On weekdays, I can only use such appliances only from 3pm to 6pm. My computer has also been moved from the basement upstairs to my room. I know what you're thinking, because that's what I thought too, but I've been warned that if I'm ever caught with it on (and trust me, both of my parents are software engineers, putting a tissue box or book in front of the power button doesn't fool them) when it's not allowed, a password will be imposed on the system and I will be forced to run to mommy and daddy every time I want to logon.  Since this is unacceptable, I can't let it happen, and since I'll never know when someone might be watching as it is upstairs (before it was as simple as watchign to door at the top of the stairs, or listening out for footsteps). 

 In other news, I also got Oblivion, the three Halo novels, the final 3 books in the Otherland series, and the cord connecting the 360 to a VGA port so that I now can play in HD, 720-progressive (a.k.a. 720p for n00bs) on my 15in LCD hp monitor to be exact.

 Pictures are coming soon, I'll try to upload them within the "access window".

 Also, in case you're wondering how this is possible, I'm at school, not at home.

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