Flickr Pro Account

I can’t believe this: I want to upgrade my free flickr account to a $24.95 per year account. The result would be unlimited bandwidth. I have over $700 and haven’t spent a dime on it because the entire state of New Hampshire remains sold out of Xbox360s.

I did the math, and it turns out that a 1-year subscription to flickr costs $2.08 per month, and (on average) $0.07 per day. That’s rediculous. Unlimited bandwidth (as well as 20GB of storage space per month) on flickr for less than 7 cents a day!?

I relay this to my mom, since I’m still too young to get a credit card, which is the only way besides (shudder) mail order to send the money to flickr, but she is telling me that she wants me to talk about it with my dad. The trouble is, he’ll get home right around dinner time tonight. The trouble with that is that all of the things that belong to me that plug in are required to be turned off at dinner time since it is a schoolnight. Apparently having fun makes me do badly in school, so having the least ammount of fun possible will theoretically make me do better in school.

Assuming that my dad will accept what I ask and relay his agreement with my proposal to my mom, which in any case will happen either over or after dinner, I will have to wait another 20 hours until I can do what I was looking forward to doing all day.



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