Renaissance 2006

Let’s start a Renaissance of our own. There’s energy and resources for it.

We don’t have to look to the past in search of artistic ability and talent.

Just LOOK at flickr’s Explore page.

There are artists and art everywhere, all it needs is a distinctive purpose.

Intellectualism is not a crime. The knowledge is there, we but need to reach out for it.

If the human race would simply stop hating itself, a utopia of mental exploration would arise. I’m not talking about a spiritual, religious, or ethical revolution. What I’m saying is that we are on the verge of something amazing, and all we need to do is notice it. The information age isn’t about information. The Internet is about people. Without people contributing to the Internet, it would cease to exist as it is today: a hotbed of ideas, opinions, creativity, and above all, intellectual thought. And you wonder why they call them “Forums”.

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