To Clarify

I’m going to be offline for a WHILE.
I’m talking after January is over.
If I’m a perfect student.
Which is looking pretty gloomy at the moment.

Get this:

Every class in my school is broken up into things called cometencies.

1) You must pass every competency or you will fail the class

2) Every piece of work goes into either one, multiple, or possibly all competencies of the class

You can take a test with 10 questions.

Questions 1-9 could be on Competency 1 , while Question 10 could be on Competency 2.

If you get 1-9 correct and 10 wrong, you will get a 90% on the test; “A-“.

However, the test will be split into two grades:

One for Competency 1, a 9-question test that you got 9 out of 9 questions correct on (100% test grade)


One for Competency 2, a single-question text that you got 0 out of 1 question correct on (0% test grade)

To return to fact #1; “You must pass every competency or you will fail the class”.

Some classes have up to 7 or sometimes 8 competencies. That doesn’t mean they give more work in the class. That means that the originally allocated work for the class is spread out over the sometimes 8 competencies, just like the example above.


100% + 50% + 0% = 150% / 3 = 50% = F = Congratulations you just failed the class. See you at summerschool.


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