Every day this week has felt like a Friday

I’m at school right now, posting on an “eMac”. It’s the fifth version of Mac since the “Mac”, much better than the “aMac”, “bMac”, “cMac” and “dMac” computers. You really can see the difference; for one, the letter before the word “Mac” is “e”. I noticed that right away. It’s amazing what kind of innovations you see on non-Microsoft systems. I’ll never look at Windows the same again.

Anyway, I’m sitting here listening to “Blow Me Away” by the band “Breaking Benjamin”. I finally found it after about a year of searching for the freaking thing.

The song was in Halo 2 campaign without the lyrics. When I heard it for the first time I immediately stood up and became so unbeleiveably pumped that I charged through the most densely-populated room of enemies that I had seen so far and didn’t even give them a chance to even fire their weapons.

Tomorrow is Friday, and it will probably feel like Wednesday or something.


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