Worst. Week. Ever.

Read the freaking title. ‘Nuff said. Or is it? I disagree.

Let’s divide this up by day:

Temperature: Cold
Overslept: Yes
Caught Bus: No

Had to ride to school in 41°F chilly fog.
15 minutes later I arrive at school, 5 minutes late.

Temperature: Colder
Overslept: Yes
Caught Bus: Yes

Overcompensated my time leaving for the bus, so had to wait 20+ minutes in 38°F weather. Plus, it was windy. I arrive at school 3 minutes before the first bell rings.

Temperature: Slightly warmer
Overslept: No
Caught Bus: No

I only technically didn’t oversleep. I woke up early because of a nightmare. It involved people dying by a virus that slowly disintegrated you from the inside out, starting with your veins. In the nightmare, I was unaffected and instead of dying, had to live through the deaths of countless innocent groups of people. Arrived at school still in a cold sweat.

Temperature: Take a guess
Overslept: Yes
Caught Bus: No

Oh what fun it is to ride my bike on a breezy 33° day. I love having to stay after school under threat of grounding by my dear and loving parents, so that I could (you guessed it) get work from my teachers to do in addition to my original homework. I’m not going to say that I can’t blame them, because I can blame them: They forced me to stay after. The fact that I was staying after to get copies of late work that I failed to pass in is unimportant. Silly logic.

Temperature: Even COLDER?!
Overslept: Only 10 minutes (instead of the usual 45)
Caught Bus: Yes

I don’t understand what all these people are saying about global warming. All I could think of as I stood for half an hour in the 28° chill, waiting for what is probably the most inconsistant bus driver of all time was, “Global Warming my ass”.

One Response to “Worst. Week. Ever.”

  1. stef Says:

    hey ahahaha that is funny lol
    usually life stories are boring but your an exception lol

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