The noob combo?

I say more like the perfect combo.

1) DOES take skill to use
2) Is avoidable (when on the receiving end)
3) It is available in more than one place on almost every map

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2 Responses to “The noob combo?”

  1. Boom Says:

    wow, ok how does firing a HOMING shot take skill, and yes it’s dodgeable, unless ur out in the open instead of hiding inside of a building camping, which people then bit** about, and the fact that its always available just makes it more cheap

  2. T Says:

    You are correct. I forget the names of the levels in Halo 2, but in the one that looks like blood gultch, just use a vehicle if you are out in the open. And it sounds to me like the person getting killed is either: A. Running Away, or B. Standing still.

    And to Boom, it’s pretty easy to hit with a homing shot, but it isn’t AS easy to shoot a battle riffle to the head. It’s not hard to kill someone while they are trying the combo.

    As far as I can tell, it is a strategic way to win, and players who dislike it, do dislike it, because they can’t beat it. Must suck or somethin.

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