My Gamercard

Some good news and some bad news.

The good news: has updated their “GamerCard” section/feature that shows information about your online activity on Xbox Live.

The bad news:
There is an age restriction.

The other good news:
There’s this thing called Gmail, which is an acceptable domain for a .NET Passport, the format of logon to

The other bad news:
I only have my gamertag (Shaymus22) linked to my account in which the age information shows that I am under 18. That is why when you look at my gamercard:
Shaymus22s COPY
It says that my gamertag is “Shaymus22s COPY”.

The other other good news:
With my (Silver Membership) (Free) Gamertag “Shaymus22s COPY” and the corresponding secondary .NET Passport, I can interact with the community just like everyone else.
Also, I went to and updated the age information for my account that is linked to Shaymus22 (My real gamertag) so that I am now 25, according the .NET Passport information.

The other other bad news:
I heard from one of the people who commented on MajorNelson’s Blog Announcement of the Gamercard features that it takes about 24 hours for .NET Passport information to be updated on Microsoft’s servers, so I’m not even going to know if this is even going to work until late this afternoon.


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